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Kevin Mincher is a leading Teen Performance Coach and one of the world’s most experienced Youth Motivational Speakers

Kevin Mincher is one of Britain’s top youth leaders and school speakers.  He is the creator of Unstoppable Teen and has designed more than twenty personal development programs for young people aged 12-24, their parents, their teachers, and their employers.

Since 1997 more than 250,000 people have attended Kevin’s peak performance coaching courses and used his personal development resources.  He has presented more than 500 youth leadership seminars around the world, and his groundbreaking No Limits programme has become the most attended youth motivation seminar in Britain.

“I have traveled the globe to learn from the best motivational speakers and I haven’t seen anyone that’s better at influencing young people to achieve more.”
Jason Vale - Best Selling Author and Founder of

Kevin committed his focus to inspiring the next generation when his professional football career was cut short due to a back injury.  After reflecting on his own childhood, reading hundreds of books on human effectiveness and attending trainings from experts across the planet, Kevin became aware of the massive gaps that exist in how countries help their young people grow into positive adults who contribute to the well-being of their nations.

“School didn’t teach me how to believe in myself, show me how to perform at my best, or prepare me thoroughly for the realities of adult life.  It just didn’t seem right that after completing eleven years of compulsory education, I and millions of other young people were NOT equipped with the competences required to succeed and live happily in the modern world.  I desperately wanted to do something positive to change that situation and make a difference.”
Kevin Mincher - Creator of Unstoppable Teen

Today, Kevin Mincher is an influential keynote speaker, coach, consultant, writer, curriculum developer, video producer, training provider and seminar leader.  He has dedicated his life to helping young people, families, schools, and youth-focused organizations experience a better quality of life.

This includes sharing strategies for:

  • Raising aspirations and motivation
  • Effective learning and achieving success in school
  • Establishing personal responsibility and accountability
  • Enhancing self-esteem and emotional intelligence
  • Improving health and energy
  • Developing better communication and leadership skills
  • Workplace readiness, achieving economic well-being, and much more!
“Kevin revealed personal traits, charisma, wisdom, and experience that allowed him to connect, motivate and redirect the people he works with. There are few people in this world that possess this remarkable ability, and Kevin is one of them.”
Peter Turney Ph.D. - Best Selling Author and CEO of Cost Technology

Kevin Mincher - Presenting - CroppedKevin Mincher is a passionate futurist who has a knack of inspiring people to raise their personal standards and willingly do more than they normally would.  He was the first Briton to produce life coaching programmes for teens that were made available to the public via Amazon and iTunes.  He also produced the UK’s first nationwide educational radio station for schools.

Kevin is a member of the Unlike Minds capability network.  He is regularly called upon by the BBC and other media outlets to comment on youth related issues.  More than 150 schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, regional agencies, sports teams, and companies have used his knowledge and services to improve their performance.

“Kevin has an innate ability to bring the best out of those he works with.”
Richard Hartis - NCAA Award Winning Coach & UEFA Champions League Winner with Manchester United FC

Kevin has been honoured on three occasions for his effectiveness and dedication to the youth cause.  He is a former winner of the Anthony Everett Award for Young Business; he was listed in the Who’s Who of Britain’s Young Entrepreneurs; and he was nominated by the Association for Coaching to receive an Honorary Award for his positive impact on communities.

Kevin’s hobbies include comedy, live music, football, and spending time with loved ones.  He has visited more than 40 countries around the world, and is an enthusiastic wearer of yellow shoes!   

You can find out more about Kevin Mincher and his life-changing programmes in the pages of this website.

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