In-depth help for organizations that want to know how to deal with teenagers, improve students’ performance, and advance their youth leadership skills

Kevin Mincher regularly consults with Schools, Colleges, Local Authorities, Regional Agencies, Community Leaders, and Company Bosses on youth performance and youth leadership issues. 

Kevin’s strength lies in his ability to help organizations focus on their purpose, implement effective strategies, and produce positive results with 12-24 year olds.  He helps individuals, teams and organizations hone their youth leadership skills and implement sustainable systems that help improve young people’s lives.

  • Aspiration and motivation
  • Behaviour and performance
  • Self-belief and confidence
  • Leadership strategies
  • Life transitions
  • Personal responsibility
  • Academic achievement
  • Effective communication
  • Community engagement
  • Careers and employability

Kevin has worked with Bromsgrove School, Doncaster MBC, Greater Manchester Challenge, Immedia Broadcasting, Maltby Academy, Multnomah Athletic Club, Northern Racing College, Sheffield United FC, The Ultimate Goal and dozens of other organisations to develop curriculums and services that make a difference.

What people are saying…

“The Unstoppable Teen programme gets to the heart of student achievement
by encouraging young people to realise they can achieve and giving them strategies to help them be motivated and successful. The book,
the DVDs, the emails and the seminars create a great package.”

Dr Paul Williams – Head Teacher

 “Kevin is simply one of the most sincerely driven individuals I have ever encountered. I am certain this is only the beginning of the kind of
excellence you will come to expect from him.”

Carl Martin – President, C!Me, Inc.

 “Kevin’s attention to detail and passion for excellence is an inspiration to us all!”

Katrina Prentice – Founder, Katalyst Personal Development Consultants Ltd.

“Kevin has a unique ability to be able to get a group to respond within a very short time, and to let people discover for themselves just what they
need to do to raise their aims and attain goals.”

Barry Hayes – School Governor & Professional Entertainer

“Kevin has consistently educated and entertained our young customers, and
year after year he raises the bar by presenting cutting edge material.”

Jennifer Griffin – General Manager, Ultimate Goal

“Our A* to C, GCSE results increased from 38% to 49% this year.  I believe
Kevin Mincher’s Unstoppable Teen programme contributed to that success.”

Piers Tolson – Head Teacher, Wellfield Business & Enterprise School

To find out more about how Kevin can help your organisation please email