Kevin Mincher is one of the world’s leading School Speakers

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If you’re looking for a top motivational youth speaker…
You’ve come to the right place!

Quite simply, Kevin Mincher is one of the most in-demand school speakers in the world today, and when you see how youth audiences respond to him, you’ll understand why.

Kevin’s record speaks for itself.  He has presented more than 500 motivational seminars in 150+ schools’ colleges, and universities, and an incredible 250,000 people have completed his inspirational programs.

My son attended one of your talks a few years ago and you really lifted him to believe that anything is possible. He is doing well at university now and believes strongly in himself. Thank you!”
Michael - Parent & Youth Leader

Kevin has developed a reputation for engaging, entertaining and empowering his audiences.  He speaks passionately from the heart, shares personal experiences, makes people laugh, and inspires people to take control of their lives.  More than just a storyteller, Kevin shares proven strategies that help individuals and groups of people improve their results in the following areas:

  • Teen motivation
  • Effective study skills
  • Teenage self esteem
  • Youth leadership skills
  • Effective teaching methods

  • Raising teenagers aspirations
  • Students’ performance
  • How to build self confidence
  • Parenting a teenager
  • And much more!

Kevin is regularly called upon to share his philosophies and strategies with audiences of students, their parents, teachers, coaches, employers and community leaders.

I know that Kevin has motivated many of our students to aim higher and consequently achieve more.”
Anne Quaile - Assistant Head Teacher, High Storrs School

Kevin creates bespoke presentations for each client to fulfil their needs.  His speaking clients have included AQA, Edge Hill University, Nottingham Forest FC, Rochdale MBC, University of Manchester, The Open University, University of Salford and dozens of schools, colleges and academies across the UK.

Kevin’s full biography is posted on the homepage of this website.


To enquire about booking Kevin, please call +44 (0)845 834 0848 and provide us with detailed information regarding the dates, audience, and aims of your event.

Kevin in action…

At this event Kevin is speaking to an audience of 500 students about how they can set goals and make their dreams become their daily reality.  During this clip he discusses the power of why and reveals how anyone can use his W.O.W! technique to tap into their inner motivation when challenges arise.

During this presentation Kevin discusses how students can study more effectively for tests and exams by using the Law of Small Chunks.  He advises his audience what to do and what not to do in order to achieve better grades.  You will see how he uses story-telling, personal examples, and humour to compel his audience to use the ideas he shares.

This is the beginning of an moving presentation Kevin delivered about emotional intelligence.  In this clip he shares his opinions about the most common causes of failure, and identifies the two primary factors that ultimately lead to your results.

Call +44 (0)845 834 0848 to enquire or book Kevin Mincher to speak at your event.