Life coaching videos packed with teenage advice, parenting help, and strategies for improving students’ performance

Kevin Mincher is one of the Europe’s top youth motivational speakers.  Few people produce more insightful coaching content that is accessed by young people, parents and teachers around the globe.

Below is a selection of Kevin’s presentations, each offers insights into how young people can experience a fantastic life.  His passion, humour, and effectiveness is there for all to see.

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You can view some of Kevin’s videos below…

During this complimentary video that Kevin sent to his subscribers, he shares the 3 steps that anyone can take to create the life they want.

In this 8-minute video, Kevin shares 7 steps that students can take to succeed in exams and life.

In this episode of his Coaching Call series, Kevin discusses the relationship between your emotions and the results you achieve in high pressure situations such as school exams.  He coaches viewers how to use a simple technique to eliminate stress and perform at their best.

This 6-minute video is one of eighteen episodes that form Kevin’s myCOACH series.  In it, teenagers learn about the importance of effective decision making when selecting which subjects to study at school.

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